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THE SWITCH – The Science of Change

The complete guide for driving effective change

(Authors: Fabio Sinibaldi & Sara Achilli)

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Everything that needs to change to favour change

Every mental and physical health professional is faced daily with having to correctly identify complex processes and to decide what is the most effective intervention possible.

In order to completely understand all the different processes involved in human behaviour and health, ranging from reactions to stress to personal motivation, from emotions to psychosomatics, it is necessary to consider various aspects at different levels. These may be adaptation processes, innate responses, epigenetics, acquired schemas, nutrition, metabolic elements, neural plasticity and many others.

Our book “The Switch – The Science of Change is specifically developed to provide practical tools to help in this endeavour. The word “switch” in the title recalls metaphorical switches that are not, however, magical buttons but correspond with the various elements on which it is important to intervene strategically, setting the ideal conditions for change in complex phenomena such as mental attitudes, ways of reacting to stress, interpersonal relationship styles and behaviour.

This book gathers all the most relevant and well-documented recent discoveries and presents them as part of an integrated system that starts at microscopic level and encompasses more complex behavioural and decision-making flows. The book is packed with suggestions, practical application tips and tools to intervene in a targeted way on all the elements at play.

Available both in paperback and ebook format.

You can find it on or on your country’s Amazon website (,,,, etc.) simply by searching for “The Switch The Science of Change Sinibaldi”.

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Transformative Mindfulness: 45 exercises

An idea-a-day workbook to develop awareness and favour change

A new workbook to help with: change, therapy or development processes.

Much more than just a book, but an all-round process including:

  • Theory and science behind the method
  • 45 Transformative Mindfulness ideas and work sheets
  • Weekly summary exercises

  • A bonus week of further exercises

A simple and practical way to:

  • Develop an aware and detail-oriented mind
  • Live in a focused an intentional way
  • Develop an open and constructive mind-set
  • Grasp and experience the essence of emotions

We present a method and contents that can be used as presented or integrated in different practices and approaches to change.

integrative science applied neuroscience for coach, psychologist, counselor

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Handbook of Integrative Sciences: Evolution, Adaptation, and Physiology

Effective tools and techniques – in a practical and modular approach – to restore physical and mental health

Stress, anxiety, traumatic events and psychosomatic problems are complex phenomena. Modern research has well defined the causes and processes at the base of these situations and has highlighted how -now- these mechanisms affect everyone, also with regard to everyday problems.

Integrative Sciences represent a theoretical and practical reference scheme, essential for professionals in the care, change and development industry, and they are always evolving and full of stimulations and interconnections.

This manual clearly explains the processes that mind and body trigger to adapt to the environment and develop new skills from a scientific, integrated and multi-disciplinary perspective. It describes the possible blocking or dysfunctional factors, dividing them in application spheres and presenting practical indications, models and strategies to adopt to favor physiological and evolutionary modes.

Body, mind and brain are considered as a whole, characterized by dynamic relationships that -once understood- can clarify and amplify the possibility to act on complex and connected phenomenalike relationships, thoughts, motivation, thrust, energy, emotions, power, bodily mastery and communication.

This book presents the complete approach developed over the last years by Fabio Sinibaldi and Sara Achilli, founders of Real Way of Life, research and education centre based in England and Italy.

This book takes the most recent discoveries made by Neuroscience and PNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology) and re-interprets them from an evolutionary and ethological perspective.

Practical tools and strategies are presented to aid in restoring physiology to our natural mind and body adaptive abilities, and to develop new resources, plasticity and development in thoughts, emotions, bodily structures and immune responses.

Includes: The 8-Step Protocol for Emotions; The Talking Mind Method; The Ancestral Needs Model; an introduction to the Ideographic Thinking and more.

The book in numbers: 400+ pages, an integrative and interdisciplinary vision, 5 applicative spheres, 4 methods and numerous techniques and strategies.


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ITALIAN LANGUAGE (translation in progress)

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