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Stay on the cutting edge: every month the latest scientific knowledge & practical effective tools for helping professionals and change agents.

Access our entire course library – And all the present and future course. New courses, lectures, techniques and updates are added every month. Step-by-step guides. Worksheets & guidelines. Certification of achievement for each course. And more…

Integrative Functional Patterns

Intervene on all specific systems at the core of: behaviour, emotional reactions, stress, decisions and interpersonal relationships

 Isometric Emotions

Discover how to work at the roots of emotions and adaptation mechanisms with movement and posture.

 Interpersonal Accommodation

Somatic-Emotional-Relational techniques to recover and develop resistance to interpersonal stress, and a basic sense of security in relational dynamics..

 Brain Networks: Practical Applications and Strategies to Facilitate Change

How to rethink, integrate and reconnect Brain, Mind and Body to develop more effective interventions.

The Key Role of Nutrition

Understanding and managing the relationship between nutrition, behaviour, emotions, and psychosomatic disorders

Crossed Cycles Breathing

The breathing technique that regulate stress responses, restore well-being and physiology, develop self-control

The Modular BreakDown

First divide then integrate: Awareness & Integration of sensory Feelings, Body and Emotions

The 8 Step Protocol for Emotions

An 8-step process with a specific sequence of action and techniques for each and every step.

The Change Habit Loop

The neuroscientific loop used by leaders, great thinkers and companies to change habits and behaviours

Talking Mind

1 Method and 11 Techniques designed to help people speak freely and stop suffering others’ communicative intrusions. Talking Mind method was developed considering the evolutionary goals and the natural Communication-Thought-Relationships connections.

Ideographic Thinking –The Visual Transformative Thinking – part 1

Thinking, Images and Mental Representations work together to analyze, change, decide and develop new ideas.


Master in Applied Integrative Sciences

Brand-new 2021 edition coming soon…  😉

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