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1. Why do I need an ACCOUNT when I make a purchase?

So you can access your private area where you will always find your eBook files and video courses. In addition, you find all the details of the purchases to know when you ordered and what courses you are registered, you can also change your billing and shipping data. It’s an area managed automatically by the site, a service to you which we can not access.

2. I bought a video course or an eBook but I do not receive the confirmation email with the LINK TO DOWNLOAD?

Confirmation emails are sent automatically a few moments after purchase. In some cases it can take up to 10 minutes for network problems. If it’s been more than 10 minutes,  check in the spam folder of your email. In this case save staff@realwayoflife.com in your address book, so next time do not end up in the spam. If you do not find even in the spam box means that you have a very strong filter. You can ask your mail handler to lower slightly the level of protection.

In any case, remember that you can find all your purchases and links to download into “Account shopping” in our website (link at top right).

3. I bought a product but I DO NOT GET AT HOME, what can I do?

Check if your product is in download version or signing up for a course live. In the first case

you will receive it by email, in the second case you will receive by email a confirmation of registration. In addition to the email you will find this information and links in your “Customer login” (you access the ink in the upper right corner with username and password that you selected during the purchase).

4. I have a username and password, how do I LOGIN TO THE SITE?

Go to the homepage of the site or at www.realwayoflife.com, click on “Customer login” in the top right. At this point you will open a page where you can enter your email address and password you chose during registration.

5. I forgot my PASSWORD how do I retrieve it?

After clicking on “Customer account” at top right of the home, you’ll find two boxes to put email and password. Let them blank and click on the text box below “Forgot Password”.

At this point it will open another page with a box that asks you to write your email. Enter the e-mail, making sure that the one you used for registration, and the system will generate a password that you will be ‘immediately sent to your inbox e-mail.

6. How do I use the new password to be sent to me?

Login to registration through the “Account Purchases” in the upper right corner of the home site. Put your email address, the one at which you received your new password, enter the password in the box provided and click on the sign. At that point you will be within your control panel.

7. How do I change my PASSWORD?

Log in to your control panel through the “Account Purchases” in the upper right corner of the home site. In your control panel you will find the “Change Your Password” on which you can click.

9. Who grants me that the data of my CREDIT CARD are safe?

The details of your credit card details are managed directly by Paypal (even if you pay directly to the card service is provided by PayPal), the most secure payment system in the world. Neither Real Way of Life or other know the details of your card.

10. And if using the CREDIT CARD someone duplicate or steal data?

The data are managed only by Paypal. Please note that payment by credit card on the web is the safest, because if your statement prove charges for purchases you did not make, you have 60 days to request the return of the sums to your bank.

11. How to use the Coupon or discount codes?

When you start the process of purchasing a product you are directed to the shopping cart, where you can find on the left the “Insert coupon” (before pressing enter your code in the space to the left of the button). Only after you press the “Enter coupon” you’ll apply the code in the “total cart”.

Even at the checkout, just before paying right in. Press “Insert coupon”.

12. The DISCOUNT CODE that I have found in an email does not work anymore, why?

Our offers are limited in time. Probably the offer has already expired. We recommend that you keep your eyes open and wait for our next email!

13. What is the program AFFILIATION?

The affiliate product allows you to easily earn. When you register you get a code that allows you to send links (both in text and in pictures) that links to our site or to a specific product. Every person who purchases through this link you will be entitled to receive 30% of the amount paid! You can use the link on your website or blog, but also put it into an email to send to your friends, in a newsletter or on facebook. If your friends back on our site within one year from when they first clicked on your link … you earn more, despite coming to another location!

13. We are a GROUP / COMPANY could we SHARE the eBook or video purchased?

The license for each product is individual, then the product purchased can not be shared. For businesses and workgroups that want to share our tools we thought cumulative licensing advantageous. To ask for more information staff@realwayoflife.com

14. What is the ADVANTAGE to buy NOW a product as it exits?

The advantage of buying now is to have a preview of exclusive products, which are sometimes completely removed from the market on the advice of the author, or because you can not reach agreement on a percentage for them if not for a fixed initial number.

15. I purchased a book or a videotraining that is not what I expected, may I get the money back?

Unlike physical products, that can be returned, electronic products can not be refunded because you can not return them physically. Each product is presented in a very detailed page on our website that accurately describes the content, objectives and targets of the same. For this reason only the lack of attention by the customer in the selection

the product can determinarela above situation. For this reason, in case you have made a mistake, you are permitted to give the product to a friend who might be interested.

 16. I CAN NOT PARTICIPATE in a live or online course for a last-minute problem, I will lose the money paid?

If the problem occurs before 20 days we will refund the full amount or I’ll turn to another course or product of your interest. If the problem occurs less than 20 days we retain 20% of the processing fee now in progress (secretary, materials, room rental, etc..) And we can return 80%. However, we do not like you to be penalized for a problem, then we will give you a bonus equal to 20% retained to sign up for another course or buy another product from our store.



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