“Turn science into something useful and usable.” That's what I try to do every day.

Fabio Sinibaldi

Founder - Research and Development - Keynote speaker and Trainer

Fabio Sinibaldi, MBPsS, PsyD

Studies: Neuroscience, Genetics and Evolutionism (Duke University), Change and Immunity (Harvard), Animal and Human Ethology, PNEI, Behavioural Neurobiology, Integrative Psychotherapy.
Member of the British Psychological Society – Psychobiology Section
Regional manager of Lombardy SIPNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology Italian Society)
Member of SAN – Society for Applied Neuroscience

My research, as happens quite commonly, was moved from my dissatisfaction. In fact, I considered unacceptable that some theories, both in the medical and psychological fields, were based on logical foundations and links that could not be fully understood. In addition to this, I also wanted to understand why some techniques worked only certain times and in different ways depending from who applied them.

The answers I reached were not always satisfying. Saying, for instance, that a therapy is more effective when there is a good relationship between patient and therapist makes sense, but it is still a high level of analysis. Does it depend on the therapeutic relationship itself? If so, which are the key aspects and how do they work? Does a good relationship allow to understand mechanisms which otherwise would not be investigated? Which neurobiological aspects are triggered (or are a prerequisite) in these emotional and relational movements? Does the good relationship between therapist and patient the consequence, thus not the cause, of the attention paid by the therapist to some aspects which others don’t normally consider?

My professional mission became to cast light on these aspects and be able to share them with other colleagues and professionals, to make everyone’s job easier and more effective, for a greater professional satisfaction and also to help patients achieve successful results.


``Go to the heart of the matter and bring balance back.`` This in my main working focus.

Sara Achilli

Founder - Research and Development - Keynote speaker and Trainer

Sara Achilli

Studies: Nutrition, Thinking, Nervous System (McGill University), Supporting Emotional and behavioural kid’s development (University of Washington), Scientific Parenting, Interpersonal Neurobiology, PNEI.
Member of the Regional Steering Committee of Lombardy SIPNEI (Italy)
Member of: SIPNEI (Italy) The Nutrition Society (UK); Parenting UK (UK)

When we talk about nutrition, we often stumble on a lot of different theories, sometimes different, sometimes contrasting. The same thing is true about education and relationship with children.

When we find ourselves in front of many different problematic circumstances, the reason is often one: we are analysing complex situations exclusively from one point of view and with a specific perspective.
For example, a diet can lead to an immediate improvement, but it could also alter our digestive and, consequently, our immune system in the long term. The prolonged cry of a baby surely has immediate effects but, in the long term, it could also influence other areas of the brain like the management of emotions, sense of safety, confidence, openness to relationships and many more, and it could even change the child’s epigenetic configuration.

All biological, mental, emotional and relational processes are interconnected and have a temporal action that evolves in different ways. Understanding this complexity and learning to manage it in a systemic and systematic way is, for me, a stimulating challenge for modern professionals. My personal challenge was and still is to “map” these processes and find ways to act on their most relevant aspects in order to restore physiology, adaptation and functional development to behavioural responses.


``Working, developing a passion, growing professionally and having fun`` This is the approach of partnerships in Real Way of Life. Antonio

Real Way of Life Team and Network

Research, Development, Organization

Real Way of Life Team and Network

A multi-disciplinary group that supports all research, development and organizational activities

Michela, Andy, Marco and James are the founding pillars of our daily activities. They are creative and passionate professionals. Each one of them flanks and supports all study processes with a specific task, from the beginning to its final implementation.

We also rely on partners for specific projects. Some of them have been working with us for years, while others collaborated only on specific projects. They are part of our scientific and professional network. Most of them are people who followed our courses and have embraced our way of thinking and working.

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