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The neuroscientific loop used by leaders, great thinkers and companies

to change habits and behaviours


Video Lessons |Step-by-step examples | Worksheets | Guidelines | 100% Risk-Free Guarantee | Lifetime Access 
best change habit method

Learn a step-by-step method

to Change Any Habit, 

mastering the process at the basis of habit formation

Find a new science-backed and proven strategy 


 The science of habits

 How to build a stable foundation for a new habit

 How to promote and sustain lasting change

 A practical method, with step-by-step guides and worksheets

Form new habits (or change the old ones) by design!


 video lectures

  Additional notes and readings

  Step-by-step guides

  Worksheets & guidelines


  Exercises (they are optional, you decide)

  Unlimited access to all modules

How Will The Change Habit Loop Help You?


The Change Habit Loop is a course designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to build and maintain new habits.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

design new habits


(or re-design old ones) that are consistent with the realization of your goals and commitments.

habits formation


of habit formation at the brain level and learn how to switch from the old to the new cycle.

best tool change habits


the Change Habit Loop is the last perfected and up to date tool derived from the strategies used by leaders, great thinkers and companies to change habits and behaviours  

best tool change habits


you can use for yourself or to help others, in many different situation (education, health, wellness, business, productivity, happiness, relationships, etc.)

best tool technique to change habit

Course Curriculum


⇨ The importance of decisions and habits

⇨ Exercise

How we decide – the hidden processes 

⇨ Taking an important decision – a paradoxical example

⇨ Exercise

⇨ The option that change everything

⇨ Deepening the power of “the third option”

The cycle of Habit and The Change Habit Loop 

⇨ Understanding the Cycle of Habit

⇨ The Change Habit Loop – Why and how

⇨ The CHL-Chart in action: practical application “Change the coffee habit”

Using the Change Habit Loop

⇨ Instructions

⇨ Download section

Hands on! The step-by-step process

⇨ Step 1 – Working on the Trigger

⇨ Step 2 – Working on the Reward

⇨ Step 3 – Working on the Habit A&B

⇨ Step 3 – Working on the Habit C&D

One more step-by-step example: Craving VS Natural Cycles

⇨ Sugar craving cycle (with neurobiological rewards)

⇨ Natural cycles of hunger, motivation, energy

Let’s make some practice!

⇨ Now it’s your turn

Going further

⇨ Deepening the psychosomatic and the nutritional basis

⇨ More free courses

⇨ Feedbacks & Requests

It is a self-paced course: sing up now and have access to all the materials immediately!

Verified Feedback

What our customers say about us

Henry Lewitt


Certified Counsellor

Feedback certified by Truster

“I have bought a lot of courses, but this is probably one of the best, if not the best I’ve bought on this topic. I really enjoyed learning about Change Habit Loop and why it is so effective in helping us and others develop new patterns and routines.”

John Farrell


Life Coach 

Feedback verified by Truster

“I have tried repeatedly in the past to start and maintain practices that I knew were good for me. With the Change Habit Loop, I had, for the first time, a thoughtful, well-researched, and easy to use structure that brought me success. I highly recommend this program.”


Fabio Sinibaldi, MBPsS, PsyD

Author | Research & Development | Keynote Speaker

President of the Association for Integrative Sciences

CEO & Founder at Real Way of Life

Expert in Applied Neurosciences and PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology, Fabio combines these sciences with an evolutionary and ethological vision of mankind.

Working both as a researcher and trainer, he is the creator of The change Habit Loop, The 8-Step Protocol for Emotions, The Isometric Emotions and several other integrative techniques (psychosomatic, trauma, self-regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, etc.).

Author of the Handbook of Integrative Sciences: Evolution, Adaptation, and Physiology – The latest theories and tools in a practical and modular approach to
restore physical and mental health.

Lecturer at post graduate schools of psychotherapy and counselling, holds seminars for universities and institutions in different countries.

Regularly attends national and international congresses as a speaker.



The normal value of the course is € 49.00


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Watch the courses online now:

Functional Integrative Patterns – Value 197 €

The TalkingMind Method – Value 47 €

Isometric Emotions -Value 47 €

The Modular BreakDown  -Value 24 €

Brain Networks -Value 90 €

The 8-step Protocol for Emotion -Value 67 €

The Interpersonal Accommodation -Value 47 €

The Change Habit Loop  -Value 24 €

The Crossed Cycles Breathing Technique -Value 90 €

The Key Role of Nutrition  -Value 127 €

The Ideographic Thinking – The Visual Transformative Thinking (part one)  -Value 67 €

Upcoming courses included in your subscription to the HUB: 

A new course every month: The Switch: restore the physiological mind/body stress response; Adaptive Fine-Tuning; Slow Movement-Fast Integration; Sounds, Rhythms & the Brain; Smart eating/nutrition; The Modular Mindset & Strategy; Building Inner Strength: The Experiential Path Design; Natural Leadership for Professionals; BrainDecision; The Ancestral Needs and the Psychosomatic Processes; and more to come…

New courses average value  =  650 € / year

 Total value1.387 €, only for you at 90 €!

€ 90/year

Best value!

7.5 € per month billed annually.

 The subscription renews automatically every year (365 days from the moment you sign up).

Automatic renewal the next year, but you can cancel any time before!

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Satisfied members: 4.9/5  ★★★★★

Distinctive features of the HUB

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Step-by-step guides

 Worksheets & guidelines

  All the courses are immediately available on-demand and forever

Certification of achievement for each course

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