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Tools and techniques to develop and bring cognitive, emotional and relational skills of children back to physiology


Live training in London UK   –   October 13-14, 2020  

The Master that helps
to change things

Many levels of action.
A remarkable result.

Do you know
how much you can
do for a child?

Read the information about the
master and read the program.
You can really do a lot.

Autism, aggressiveness,
coordination, sleeping
and eating disorders

Act upon all these aspects with
efficient Techniques and Tools

mind body integration kids

Make children
live the life
they deserve

This is the goal we work for,
for which we research and
train every day with passion.



No ``labels``, only understanding processes and functions to work on


Specific tools to analyze, map and act on complex situations and inter-connected factors


Evolutionism, Ethology, Pnei, Neuroscience, interpersonal Neurobiology for Psychologist, Educationists, Counselors, Teachers, Pediatricians, Speech Therapists


Nervous System, thoughts, memory, innate reflexes, environmental factors, relational dynamics, body and biochemical factors, etc.


The founding pillars for the Master for Special Children


This Master teaches only tools and techniques that are scientifically validated and which showed concrete results


Theory, techniques and operational tools

  • A scientifically validated approach focusing wither on cross factors or specific aspects for any situation
  • A complete process from the initial understanding to the strategy of intervention, full of practical tools and case studies
  • A flexible system of techniques and tools for many contexts and which can be used in your professional activity
  • An effective way to help children develop their physical, social, behavioral, mental, intellective and healthy skills
  • Understanding and act upon: Nervous System (transmission, activation of areas, lateralization, cognitive functions, etc.), Emotional System (adaptive reactions, survival actions, attachment, etc.), Relational System (trust, openness, protection, challenge, parenting, etc.), Biochemical System (nutrition, poisoning, autotoxins, etc.), Motivation (ancestral needs, evolved needs, attachment, relationships, etc.)

Online course Special Kids, 2018 Edition:


The Big Picture

  • Which processes may develop discomfort, difficulties or a pathology in a child
  • How emotions-cognition-relationships-neurology-biochemistry interact to create or support a problem
  • How, on the contrary, they may favor change and health
  • Sciences involved: PNEI, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Evolutionism, Ethology, Neuroscience, Nutrition and Food Science

Overall Goals of the Method

  • Put all the systems back to Physiology (neurology, emotions, thought, relationships, nutrition, biochemistry)
  • Develop Connections between structures and functions (on a neurological level, between this and the functions it supports, in mutual processes among emotions-thought-relationship, motivation and behavior, role and function, etc.)
  • Restoring Evolutionary Processes leading to natural adaptation, learning, curiosity, openness and different forms of motivation

What To Observe and Evaluate

  • Facing the complexity underlying different problems through a multi-systemic and organized approach
  • Our proposal: assessment and non-diagnosis
  • Mapping Activation Processes – a tool to understand how different factors at play interact and decide on which aspects to intervene

Back to Evolutionary Ethology: Trust, Basic Confidence

  • Children’s motivation is always born as an evolutionary one
  • Ancestral Needs
  • Emotions as an evolutionary tool
  • Socio-educational dysfunctions and aggressiveness
  • Identity and emotional experiences
  • At the basis of relationships: family as the “herd we belong to”
  • Primary functions of respect, well manners and obedience
  • Processes and pathway of trust, confidence and safety
  • Tools, techniques and strategies of Evolutionary Ethology to restore deeper emotional and relational functions

Integrate Mind, Body, Emotions and Neurology 

  • Daily activities with integrative function
  • Exercises with eyes to stimulate and connect functions
  • The integrative and fixing value of visual-narrative representation
  • Multi-level implications of graphic gestures
  • The importance of a correct timing for activation and evaluation
  • Manage emotions with thought and language
  • Manage emotions with body and external stimuli
  • Restore the verbal-nonverbal link
  • Restore the emotions-thought link
  • A cross-tool: Ideographic Thinking for Children: a general approach and 4 operative tools

Natural Parenting: working with the family

  • Analyzing parents’ styles and their motivations
  • Locating dysfunctional solutions and find functional ones
  • Parental (and other figures) caring and neurological development
  • Signals and behaviors that are stronger than words
  • Setting a real and functional check
  • Step out conflicts and challenges
  • A crossworking method: PBS – Parental Behaviour Style
  •  A tool for emergencies: BPM – Managing emotional peaks

Supporting structure and supporting functions: Neurology and Nutrition

  • The central role of neurological connections
    • between the two hemispheres; between more or less ancestral areas of the brain; between perceptive/sensory system and brain; between movements and brain
  • And their basic role with regard to:
    • competences and mental skills; emotional and relational regulation; awareness and self-regulation; social and emotional skills
  • Techniques and strategies to develop these connections, increase communication and their functionality
  • How nutrition:
    • supports growth and neural plasticity
    • is linked with cognitive performance
    • amplifies or reduces emotional responses
    • plays a central role in inflammations
    • is essential for immune responses
  • Nutritional Assessment, a check-list to assess the starting point
  • Nutritional guidelines to support and favor these functions in a positive way


A solid framework and many practical tools.


and will teach it

Fabio Sinibaldi, PsyD

CEO & Founder at Real Way of Life

Expert in Neurosciences and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology, combines these sciences with an evolutionary and ethological vision of mankind. Works as both a researcher and a trainer. He is the originator of the 8-step protocol for emotions and several other techniques.

Lecturer at post graduate schools of psychotherapy, holds seminars for Italian and foreign universities; regularly attends national and international congresses as a speaker.

Sara Achilli, MA

CEO & Founder at Real Way of Life

Expert in Nutrition and Well-being, she directly tests the way nutrition can influence change on a nervous, cerebral, genetic and immune level.
She also works with Interpersonal Neurobiology and Scientific Parenting. She is the creator of Natural Parenting.
In Real Way of Life, Sara coordinates programs and makes an annual report for the most important international events.


The normal value of the course is € 480,00


€ 390,00

Subscribe by May 29th

and pay only € 390!

Verified Feedback

what our customers say about us

Ben Harrison

Educationist and Psychologist

Feedback certified by Truster

“I warmly thank both trainers and organizers for this master. So much competence and passion are hard to find. Even the positive atmosphere and the feeling to build something important made the difference. I recommend this master to all people working with children.” 

Zoe Adams

Psychologist and mother of two children 

Feedback CPD verified

“I thought I knew a lot about children and their problems, but I discovered how many new things hadn’t still come to Italy… You can really feel the added value of an interactive project. Thanks to the trainers and all the staff!!”

Sarah Carter


Feedback certified by Truster

“A very comprehensive Master, full of tools and incredibly concentrated in 5 days. Just think that I learned less in one year in college!”

Max Bailey

Pediatrician and Homeopath

Feedback ECM verificato

“I was positively surprised by the possibility to use everyday tools with a different perspective. A few small changes and tricks for drawings, doing sport, choosing lights at home or some cuddling can really bring outstanding results.”

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