How to reconnect Mind and Brain: acting on emotions, awareness and attention in a targeted way | Real Way of Life

How to reconnect Mind and Brain: acting on emotions, awareness and attention in a targeted way

In these 4 videos, Fabio Sinibaldi shares precious information on mind and body, paying particular attention to the relative practical implications for the professionals in the change, emotion, health and development fields.

We have selected here the videos that cover the amigdala and the relative networks involved – salience, emotions, defence, attention, adaptation, etc.

The complete series of videos in our Brain Networks course also explores other important hubs like the insula, the prefrontal cortex, the brainstem, thalamus, the hippocampus and all the connected functions:  sleeping-being awakeproprioceptioninteroception, automatic and learned behavioursassessmentprevision-makingnarrative skills, etc.

Video 1

AMYGDALA – Emotions, but also attention, awareness, adaptation, exploration, and more.

Video 2

Emotional stimuli, timelines, attention and awareness

 interpersonal neurobiology

Video 3

Threat assessment, exploratory, adaptive and development behaviours

Video 4

The amygdala and the bi-directional relations between mind and body (AKA Amygdala & Psychosomatic)

These 4 videos were taken from the course:

BRAIN NETWORKS: practical applications and strategies to facilitate change.

In this course members can learn scientific knowledge and practical instruments to rethinkintegrate and reconnect Brain, Mind and Body to develop more effective interventions.

integrative technique mind body

neuroscience for change agents

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