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The way we eat and our relationship with food can be very telling about us. There are many interesting factors at play:  Reward and pleasure,Stress management,The ability to self-regulate,Flavour perception and interoceptive processes,Thoughts and emotion neurobiology, And more.  There are complex dynamics on different levels too:  We have contextual expectations,...

  Some patients heal quickly, others don’t. Sometimes, even though the therapist did- and continues to do- her best and the patient really seems very motivated to solve the issue, we are still not able to explain why a certain situation can’t evolve. Below we’ll make some general points on the processes...

Tips, processes and sequences to make change more efficient and long-lasting Our last research is featured in the prestigious The Science of Psychotherapy magazine (September 2020).  [Scroll down to download a free copy] The processes analysed in this research were studied in different professional settings and applications. We involved more...

Psychosomatic Stretching is focused on the ability to relax and extend our contracted muscles after chronic stress, hyper-adaptation processes, traumatic events or other mind-body processes that have become dysfunctional. These exercises are called 'Psychosomatic Stretching', but the name can be deceiving: muscle extension represents only the...

Various studies and research papers have shown that chronic inflammation is a recurrent factor in most diseases that have become epidemics today. Chronic pain, obesity, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, depression, stroke, migraine, thyroid problems (such as Hashimoto’s disease), attention deficit disorder, ADHD, gastritis, dermatitis, Alzheimer’s disease,...

5 minutes twice a day for 3 weeks: this was the commitment requested of participants in the study. We were thus able to analyse the changes and benefits produced by a minimal application of one of the Integrative Sciences’ basic techniques, the Cross Cycles Breathing...

FOREWORD Traumas, as well as prolonged stress and affective deprivation, leave a sign. It is not just words, it is the truth. We often refer to “emotional scars", something that is able to change the way we behave, changing our way of thinking, interacting with other people and...

Our previous article about the effects of traumas (in its broader term), stress and affective deprivations on an epigenetic, emotional, brainy level and other structures and functions had a great success. We knew we were touching a very interesting and very discussed topic, but we did not expecting such a great response. We...

Within this article we’ve gathered a series of videos that appear disconnected, but that are actually linked by a single common objective: [vc_separator type='transparent' position='center' color='' thickness='' up='' down=''] that of providing practical tools, suggestions for real-life application and new ideas to drive CHANGE processes, both in...

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