[6 videos] Rethinking Behavior, Emotions, Stress and Motivation from an Integrative Standpoint | Real Way of Life

[6 videos] Rethinking Behavior, Emotions, Stress and Motivation from an Integrative Standpoint

In these 6 videos you will find a description of the 8 stages that compose the Integrative Functional Patterns System.

You will also find introductory references to pre-conditions, external and internal elements, to further analysis and to strategies for intervention.

This article provides free of charge access(just scroll down to find the videos) to Module 1 of the Integrative Functional Patterns course.

It presents the core structure of the Method and illustrates its structure and basic procedure to act on behaviours, emotions, adaptation processes, decision making and relational issues. 

In the following modules, which will be released across the next few months, you will find a more detailed analysis of each specific phase and of its processes.

VIDEO 1 – Behaviour: its origins, use and ending

VIDEO 2 – 3 Macro-Areas of Functional Patterns

VIDEO 3 – The start of everything: from detection to evaluation, 4 crucial phases

VIDEO 4 – The importance of what happens first: PREVISION and PRECONDITIONS

VIDEO 5 – Moving on to Action: from Reflexes to Full Control

VIDEO 6 – From rest to added value: adaptation, recovery and development

In the next HUB modules [> discover the HUB] on Integrative Functional Patterns [> more on this course] you will find:

  • Detailed analysis of each phase, its key features and specific processes
  • techniques to restore each aspect to its physiological state
  • strategies to manage Flows (creative, behavioural, postural, motor, communicative flows, etc.) 
  • connections with other techniques and methods within the HUB for a synergistic and targeted strategy 
  • in-depth theoretical and scientific analysis 
  • frameworks and guidelines
  • worksheets to download and use in real-life settings
  • and much more!

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